This is a Good Spot (in collaboration with Maria Barnas)

This somewhat slowly paced, pre-cinematographic audio-slideshow contains a lot of analogue holiday snapshots.
The holidaymakers are patients of the psychiatric hospital, who have temporarily converted the place where they spent most of their lives into a curious holiday resort. In their imagination they leave the grounds of the psychiatric hospital and look at their own surroundings as if they were tourists. And perhaps they are. What is it like to look at your own surroundings from inside the tent? Whenever you really left the facility? Many holiday snapshots have an alienating effect. Here, the holiday snapshot as a mixture of posing and documenting a spontaneous moment seems to be taken to its extreme.

Siem is part of this scene, sometimes taking part in the holiday atmosphere, meeting others, sometimes just standing there, looking at the others. Does he really see them? Is he really there? Or is all this just taking place inside his head?

Siem is one of the oldest residents at St. Willibrordus. He has seen a lot. Often he goes back in his memory and imagination. He hears his own voice and sees images that go with it. Images of holidays. Pictures of people resting after a journey or enjoying the view. It all seems to be about freedom or at least the idea of freedom. Perhaps Siem is able to manipulate his memories, thereby turning the grounds of the institute into his mental sphere.

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